Tore Arne Larheim

Professor emeritus - Kjeve- og ansiktsradiologi
Bilde av Tore Arne Larheim
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oPositions held

2019: Professor Emeritus, Department of Maxillofacial Radiology.

Professor Emeritus, Institute of Clinical Dentistry, UiT - the Arctic University of Norway


Higher education and employment history

1975-81: Research Fellow, 1981: Dr. odont. (PhD), 1981-85: Assistant and Associate Professor, 1985: Professor appointed by King Olav V of Norway in the Council of Ministers and Head of  Department of Maxillofacial Radiology. Responsible for the staff doing the policlinic activities, as well as the undergraduate teaching (dental students), postgraduate teaching (specializing in maxillofacial radiology) and research (PhD students), until 2019.

1996-97 and 2004-05: Research stays in the US; Eastman Dental Center and University of Rochester Medical Center, NY supported by the Research Council of Norway.

1997-2000: Leader of a 3-year project on dental digital imaging with one postdoc and new digital imaging equipment financed by the Research Council of Norway.

2007: Board-certified specialist in maxillofacial radiology; leader of the group that fought to obtain an officially recognized specialty, being accepted by the Norwegian Health Authorities in 2007.

Professor II, UiT - the Arctic University of Norway, until 2019.


Scientific Activity

Research on a number of different aspects of maxillofacial radiology, in particular advanced diagnostic imaging (CT and MRI) but also panoramic imaging and radiation dose. Special interest in TMJ research; performed studies on newborns, infants, children, adolescents, and adults with emphasis on pathologic findings versus normal variants. Specific studies on juvenile idiopathic arthritis (childhood arthritis) and the abnormal facial skeletal development. In a research group consisting of 15-20 scientists from 8 countries (European, the US and Canada), the aim is to develop and test a new scoring/grading system using MRI for classifying TMJ arthritis. Have also been working with Japanese scientists, scientists at Oslo University Hospital, Rikshospitalet and scientists at Diakonhjemmet Hospital.


Published a comprehensive atlas-like textbook (Maxillofacial Imaging) (1. ed. 2006, 2. ed. 2018) released in the US, Chicago (RSNA: Radiological Society of North America) and being well known worldwide, on the wide spectrum of hard tissue and soft tissue diseases/abnormalities that can be found in the maxillofacial area.



Supervised a number of postgraduate students to the final specialist examination in maxillofacial radiology, in addition to PhD students and postdocs, including two Japanese scientists, at the Faculty of Dentistry and one PhD student at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Oslo.



Stiftelsen S Constantin och Bensows prize for 2000 (mottatt av Ordförande, Skandinaviska Tandläkareföreningen under Rikstämman, Stockholm) for “Research on advanced medical imaging methods to diagnose diseases in the temporomandibular joint”. The only maxillofacial radiologist that has received this award.



Pris for beste orale presentasjon på fakultetets forskningsdag til PhD student  A-K Abrahamsson, som også fikk presentert sin forskning i, september 2014.

Emneord: TMJ diseases, TMJ disorders, Rheumatic Diseases, Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis, Osteoarthritis, Maxillofacial Radiology, Digital Dental Imaging, TMJ
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