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Picture of Maria Balta Balta, Maria
Picture of Imen Belhaj Belhaj, Imen Doctoral Research Fellow +47 22840369 +47 91881761
Picture of Linda Hildegard Bergersen Bergersen, Linda Hildegard Professor +47 22840288 +47 97032049 Brain and nervous system, Signal transmission in the nervous system, Brain metabolism, Physical activity and brain function
Brar, Navdeep Kaur Doctoral Research Fellow +47 22840251
Picture of Magne Bryne Bryne, Magne invasion, miRNA, oral cancer, migation, invasive front, 3D models
Picture of Espen Sønderaal Bækkevold Bækkevold, Espen Sønderaal Adjunct Professor
Picture of Emily Caroline Alves Dahlbo Dahlbo, Emily Caroline Alves
Picture of Zlatko Dembic Dembic, Zlatko Professor +47 22840330 DNA, Immunogenetics, Immunoregulation, Craniofacial biology, Respiratory infection, Epithelial cancer, RT-PCR
Picture of Achal Dhariwal Dhariwal, Achal Doctoral Research Fellow +47 22840363 +47 92517567
Picture of Morten Enersen Enersen, Morten Associate Professor +47 22840316 Microbiology, periodontitis, dental implant, biofim, bioinformatics, oral hygiene
Picture of Hilde Galtung Galtung, Hilde Professor +47 22840338 morphogenesis, organogenesis, aquaporins, cell volume regulation, salivary gland physiology
Picture of Trond Sundby Halstensen Halstensen, Trond Sundby Professor +47 22840322
Picture of Trude Marie Haug Haug, Trude Marie Professor +47 22844414 OD2100, physiology, TP1100, electrophysiology, OD2200
Picture of Catherine Joan Jackson Jackson, Catherine Joan Researcher +47 22840318
Picture of Nan Jiang Jiang, Nan Doctoral Research Fellow +47 22840233
Picture of Roger Junges Junges, Roger Associate Professor +47 22840340 microbiology, immunology, molecular biology, genetic competence, signaling, pathogens, commensals, molecular microbiology, Biofilm, antibiotic resistance, microbiome, Oral health, dentistry
Picture of Inga Solgård Juvkam Juvkam, Inga Solgård Doctoral Research Fellow +47 22840317
Picture of Qalbi Khan Khan, Qalbi Associate Professor
Picture of Thomas Michel Kuntziger Kuntziger, Thomas Michel Professor +47 22840383 Chromatin, cancer, phosphatases, signaling, P. gingivalis
Picture of Krystyna Anna Liskiewicz Liskiewicz, Krystyna Anna Doctoral Research Fellow +47 22840341 +47 22840341
Picture of Harald Osmundsen Osmundsen, Harald
Picture of Fernanda Cristina Petersen Petersen, Fernanda Cristina Professor +47 22840312 +47 91186028 microbiology, streptococci, genetic competence, signalling, biofilm, commensals, pathogens
Picture of Gabriela Salvadori Da Silva Salvadori Da Silva, Gabriela Postdoctoral Fellow +47 94119606
Sapkota, Dipak Associate Professor +47 22840331
Picture of Karl Schenck Schenck, Karl Defense against infection and immune regulation in the oral cavity, Periodontitis, oral lichen planus