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Picture of Espen Færøvig Færøvig, Espen Lecturer +47 22852254
Picture of Maria Lucete Færøvig Færøvig, Maria Lucete Dentist Instructor with clinical sp
Gabor, Judit Clinical Secretary
Picture of Elin Giertsen Giertsen, Elin Professor +47 22852075 +47 92098498
Picture of Erika Giving Giving, Erika Dental Instructor
Picture of Ruth Kristin Gran Gran, Ruth Kristin Dentist Instructor with clinical sp
Picture of Turid Granberg Granberg, Turid Clinical Coordinator +47 22852253
Grov, Andreas Lassen
Picture of Jostein  Grytten Grytten, Jostein Professor +47-22840387 +47-91390939 health economics, community dentistry, health services research, epidemiology
Gustumhaugen, Eva Dentist Instructor with clinical sp
Picture of Maj-Helen Haldorsen Haldorsen, Maj-Helen Clinical Secretary
Picture of Anne Elisabeth Munster Halvari Halvari, Anne Elisabeth Munster Associate Professor +47 41508413
Hammervold, Ida Birgitte Dental Instructor
Hamran, Tord Doctoral Research Fellow
Hamre, Anne Kristine Dental Instructor +47 22204381
Picture of Trude Handal Handal, Trude Associate Professor
Picture of Kristin Beathe Hansen Hansen, Kristin Beathe Section Manager +47 22852083 +4747701877
Picture of Monica Braathen Hanssen Hanssen, Monica Braathen Secretary +47 22852214
Picture of Morten Hanstad Hanstad, Morten Dental Instructor
Picture of Zhu Hao Hao, Zhu Guest researcher Biomaterials, Biomaterialer
Picture of Else Harder Harder, Else Specialist Nurse
Picture of Olaug Vist Hartmann Hartmann, Olaug Vist Dental Hygienist +47 22852104
Picture of Gisle Christofer Haug Haug, Gisle Christofer Dental Instructor
Picture of Marianne Lange Hauge Hauge, Marianne Lange Clinical Secretary +47 22852234
Picture of Håvard Jostein Haugen Haugen, Håvard Jostein Professor +47-22852170 scaffold, bone regeneration, titanium dioxide, biomaterials, porous, polymer, chemistry and materials science, bone graft, Applied material science, Medicine, Engineering