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The overuse and misuse of antibiotics has been one of the biggest drivers of the antibiotic resistance crisis. Since dentists are significant contributors to the number of antibiotic prescriptions worldwide, we aim to understand the awareness and perceptions of educators regarding antibiotic resistance and prescriptions practices. As the control of bacterial infections remains a cornerstone for the maintenance of a healthy global population, we aim to reveal target areas for the improvement of dental curricula that could ultimately have a positive impact and lead to the reduction of antibiotics prescribed by dentists.

Vil du være med å forske på det siste nye innen digital tannbehandling? Vi skal undersøke om 3D-printet dentalt utstyr, som kroner, broer og bittskinner, er like bra eller bedre enn det som allerede brukes i klinikken.

Saliva forms a complex protein layer on any type of surface that comes in contact with it by a selective process where, depending on the physicochemical properties of the surface (wettability, surface charge, chemical composition), different types of proteins will adsorb. This protein layer, also known as salivary pellicle, exerts several functions, such as protective barrier, lubricant, keeping the hydration in the oral cavity, mineralization/demineralization of teeth.