Ny artikkel i Journal of Oral Microbiology

Emenike R. K. Eribe og Ingar Olsen har publisert artikkelen "Leptotrichia species in human infections II" ” i Journal of Oral Microbiology. Artikkelen er en ajourføring av tidligere publiserte artikler fra de samme forfatterne.

Leptotrichia species are anaerobic/facultative anaerobic nonmotile bacteria found in the oral cavity, and some other parts of the human body, in animals, and even in ocean sediments. Published and valid species include L. buccalis, L. goodfellowii, L. hofstadii, L. honkongensis, L. shahii, L. trevisanii and L. wadei.  L. goodfellowii, L. hofstadii, L. shahii and L. wadei were first published from IOB by Eribe et al in 2004. Some of the species require serum or blood for growth. All species ferment carbohydrates and produce lactic acid that may be involved in tooth decay. They are involved in a variety of human diseases, and have been isolated from immunocompromised but also immunocompetent individuals. Mucositis, oral lesions, wounds and abscesses may predispose to Leptotrichia septicemia. Because identification of these species by phenotypic features occasionally lead to misidentification, genetic techniques such as 16S rRNA gene sequencing is recommended. Over the last years, Leptotrichia species have been associated with several changes in classification, identification and nomenclature (taxonomy) and new associations with clinical diseases have been reported.

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Publisert 26. sep. 2017 13:02 - Sist endret 26. sep. 2017 13:02