Information Technology


The course provides an introduction to the IT-services at the University of Oslo (UiO), and the use of these services, as well as some of the tools in use during the clinical practice, for example SALUD the patient record system and PACS the archiving system for digital x-rays.


The main subjects are as follows:

  • Detailed information about the services provided by UiO, and the regulations governing the use of them
  • The use of internet services like e-mail and remote access to these services
  • Introduction to Fronter, the learning management system(LMS) used at the University of Oslo
  • Introduction to the use of Microsoft Word with a focus on writing reports (organizing documents, formatting text)
  • Introduction to Microsoft PowerPoint with focus on case-presentations
  • Introduction to Microsoft Excel
  • Introduction to Salud and PACS


The course will be given for a period of a week and takes place in the PC-lab in which each candidate will have access to a computer. It is based on lectures, case-studies and writing reports.


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