Disputas: Kari Elisabeth Dahl

M.Ed. Kari Elisabeth Dahl ved IKO vil forsvare sin avhandling for graden Ph.d.: Oral health-related quality of life in Norwegian adults.

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1. desember 2011, 14.15, Aud. 1, Geitmyrsveien 69


  • Odont. Dr. Leg. Tannlege Elisabeth Wärnberg-Gerdin
  • Odont. Dr. Leg. Tannhygenist Katri Ståhlnacke
  • Professor Dr. philos. Bjørn Frode Hansen

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Prodekan Morten Rykke


  • Professor Kerstin Öhrn
  • Professor Nina J. Wang


Oral health-related quality of life in Norwegian adults

Oral health is associated with overall health, well-being and quality of life. The oral cavity and the teeth affect many aspect of life. Nevertheless, individuals` perception of oral problems and oral treatment are not always taken into consideration in connection with dental treatment, and the research in this area is scare.

The main purpose of the thesis was to describe oral health-related quality of life in Norwegian adults. A further goal was to study whether oral health-related quality of life was associated with clinical dental health, use of dental services, oral hygiene behaviours and demographic variables.

The thesis was based on data from three cross-sectional studies, one nationwide quantitative questionnaire study in 2004 based on a stratified representative random sample of 20 to 80 year old individuals and two combined quantitative questionnaire and clinical examination studies, based on random samples of adults in the county of Nord-Trøndelag in 2006. Young adults, individuals with few remaining teeth and those who visited the dental services irregularly reported poorer oral health-related quality of life than other individuals. The most frequently reported problems were physical pain, psychological discomfort and psychological disability. Individuals who rated their oral health as poor reported lower oral health-related quality of life than others. There was relationship between the number of decayed teeth and oral health-related quality of life in middle-aged individuals, this association was not found among the elderly.

The conclusion of the thesis was that most adults reported oral health to be important for masticatory functions and the results indicate that oral health had impacts on quality of life.

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